Each and every one of us arrives with the innate right to joy, creating a personal journey that is meaningful, precisely as we envision without limitation. Our purpose is to experience bliss, to love and be loved, learn and discern, transform and evolve, encounter profound revelations and revolutions within ourselves that shape our entire experience in an ecstatic moment.  The right to create and sustain our OWN experience has been diminished to the point of nonexistence. We have the ability to reclaim our(SELVES) to shape our entire experience without fear of sacrificing in order to live authentically.  

Naturally, this may appear difficult, even impossible to accomplish after a lifetime of conditioning through a domestication process. Who’s guidance were we to follow when learning right from wrong, who to admire, what to become,  common decency, religious beliefs and everything else we have been led to believe was in our best interest.  The trouble is, today this is comprised of outdated and contradicting belief systems, leaving us paralyzed in decision making while hundreds of narratives stream each potential outcome.  This perpetuates the cycle of stress, creating anxiety, stealing our confidence, riddled with endless comprise, and effectively shattering our ability.  It's clear the narratives and patterns in each of us need revision, holistic healing, a roadmap in breaking free from limiting belief systems to cultivate your own to experience, access your potential with clarity, ease and great enthusiasm.  

We all imagine how to improve our lives, to experience love, be accepted for who we are, relevant to ourselves and others, to nourish our bodies and love who we see in the mirror, to have our lifestyle reflect that person, which comes down to feeling purposeful to ourselves and to others through self care and love.  To accomplish this, you must set the intention to take ownership of your experience, absorb the wave of possibility, feel your energy restoring, insight and creativity blossoming, by setting this intention to make a choice for your(SELF).  

No more fantasizing, set the intention to create and love your journey, and if you already do, let’s do some yoga, go hiking, receive treatments to sustain your bliss or if you’re feeling under the weather.  It’s all about us being the best versions of our(SELVES) and allowing ourselves to do what we love and be around the people that make us feel good!   We are here to support each other, by letting go of what’s just not you and shifting the lens toward what is and loving every step of the way.