Each and every one of us arrives with the innate right to joy, creating a personal journey that is meaningful, precisely as we envision without limitation. Our purpose is to experience bliss, to love and be loved, learn and discern, transform and evolve, encounter profound revelations and revolutions within ourselves that shape our entire experience in an ecstatic moment.  The right to create and sustain our OWN experience has been diminished to the point of nonexistence. We have the ability to reclaim our(SELVES) to shape our entire experience without fear of sacrificing in order to live authentically.  

Naturally, this may appear difficult, even impossible to accomplish after a lifetime of conditioning through a domestication process. Who’s guidance were we to follow when learning right from wrong, who to admire, what to become,  common decency, religious beliefs and everything else we have been led to believe was in our best interest.  The trouble is, today this is comprised of outdated and contradicting belief systems, leaving us paralyzed in decision making while hundreds of narratives stream each potential outcome.  This perpetuates the cycle of stress, creating anxiety, stealing our confidence, riddled with endless comprise, and effectively shattering our ability.  It's clear the narratives and patterns in each of us need revision, holistic healing, a roadmap in breaking free from limiting belief systems to cultivate your own to experience, access your potential with clarity, ease and great enthusiasm.  

We all imagine how to improve our lives, to experience love, be accepted for who we are, relevant to ourselves and others, to nourish our bodies and love who we see in the mirror, to have our lifestyle reflect that person, which comes down to feeling purposeful to ourselves and to others through self care and love.  To accomplish this, you must set the intention to take ownership of your experience, absorb the wave of possibility, feel your energy restoring, insight and creativity blossoming, by setting this intention to make a choice for your(SELF).  

No more fantasizing, set the intention to create and love your journey, and if you already do, let’s do some yoga, go hiking, receive treatments to sustain your bliss or if you’re feeling under the weather.  It’s all about us being the best versions of our(SELVES) and allowing ourselves to do what we love and be around the people that make us feel good!   We are here to support each other, by letting go of what’s just not you and shifting the lens toward what is and loving every step of the way. 


Two Main Principles I Live And Teach By



We are here to have our own experience, to fulfill our inner(selves) purpose which is unique to only our journey.

It may seem daunting (or truly liberating) that we are speaking of an entire lifetime.  Every relationship, lesson, teacher, achievement, goal, perception was determined outside our(selves).  At some point we realize we've been programmed in a physical body, doing the next thing expected of us, instinctively knowing this just cant be right, while feeling so much resistance.  All of creation works in perfect order, this inadequacy we are collectively experiencing to alter ours(selves) to fit in at work, with family and friends is not aligned with the nature of our being.  At our core, we are perfect, and when we live from that space, no longer accepting the agreements made  along the way that no longer serve us and most likely never have we can realize how graced we are TO EXIST.  Consider the roles burdening us, did we choose to be the money lender, the person that holds it together, the “glue” of the family, “mature” for our age, “the smart one”.  Of course not, we were given these titles and not being able to live up to them created the inadequacy, stress and burden.  It’s a lot to process, to contemplate who you really are, recognize who you’ve been, and who you want to be. Once we work through this process with self-love and care, we are ready to release and form new scripts and patterns. When you operate from the most authentic space within your(SELF), you will achieve peace within and something you never realized we all take for granted until you receive it, contentment.  



We all have the ability to heal ourselves, our loved ones, our pets, and even our planet. 

I focus on teaching modalities that can be seamlessly integrated into all routines and lifestyles. By learning for yourself you can sustain balance & harmony after receiving a treatment, reference when faced with life situations, and pass along to friends in family that may benefit. This integration is the essence of why I have chosen this path, to connect us all in conscious living to spread kindness to ourselves, our loves ones, everyone around the globe, all living things, including our beautiful and generous home, Mother Earth.

There are endless alternatives in ridding these “disorders” we have normalized, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, Type A, and OCD.  We have become accustomed to self diagnosing, by sharing a symptom without realizing the implications of creating this new agreement.   Alternatives are not limited to personality disorders, you can prevent and manage high cholesterol, heart disease, Cancer, allergies, insomnia, there is no shortage of ailments we live with that we could become conscious of and choose to heal over sticking a bandaid on the source of the dis(ease).  It is not “normal” for us to be on medication that diminish our spirit and create strain on our vital organs, and thankfully we are really becoming aware of the effects its had on our lives and the people we love.  We must educate ourselves, seek alternatives in food and lifestyle, to create a new paradigm in the way we nourish ourselves and live fully.  Our challenges are not something we “have” and must accept, it is simply not true, but it is a choice. We have all heard “there’s no such thing as an easy fix,” and that’s not helpful or comforting, so let’s seek wisdom from a great Sage, that offers a security and promise, “the only way out is through.”  I am here to offer support, guidance and invigorate your spirit to potentiate yourself, for a total revolution. I am privileged to share all I have to offer in realizing you’re not bound or limited, you are perfect.  No time has been lost, each lesson has its purpose, you will see very clearly how it’s all been connected throughout your journey, which will relieve so much from the weight carried from the past and create space to fill with all that you truly desire.



Services have been refined to compliment one another in effort to seamlessly integrate with a single intention: ESTABLISHING OVERALL WELLBEING.
The intention of your practice is developed, transformed and established over time.  When receiving a treatment we heal ourselves from subtle and significant discord in our being, essentially shifting into neutral, in harmony with our(SELF) and clarity to navigate our destiny from our most present state.  I would recommend going with what appeals to you most, has been on your mind or simply to incorporate into your daily practice, we can evolve from anywhere.




A home practice will change life as you know it. Learning to safely and thoughtfully practice at your convenience is such a gift. Whether it's a 30 minute ritual to begin the day or restorative postures as you wind down with the family. Becoming in tune with your body, caring for yourself in a way you have not before, your vibration rises and everyones around you benefits as well.  I practice various lineages of yoga and meditation tailored to your comfort and specific needs, and expand further as your practice develops.


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"Energy" "Life Force" "Chi" all mean the same thing.  It is "you" underneath it all, your essence. It is difficult to keep your energy intact if you are unfamiliar with what can disrupt its natural flow, which affects our vital organs, circulation, and overall natural process within.  Our energy is affected by the food we eat, water we use, negative thoughts, the people we surround our(selves) with.  If you want to know what energy feels like, it's that moment you walk in a room, even with someone you live with and have that sense that something is "off" or feels "heavy" or even too much energy! Healing modalities bring us back to neutral so we can operate again from our(SELF).




In the beginning, conscious living will require some shifts in perspective and effort to inhabit. It is the key to achieving and sustaining your desired life.  The choices you make you will have done with awareness and purpose.  It begins with you and will have a positive trajectory with your family, colleagues, friends, neighbors, then strangers, people you'll never meet and ultimately, choices that benefit the Earth, our collective consciousness as a whole.


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BREATHING is involuntary and yet, it is the hardest thing to do consciously. Breathing is our known life force, without breath our physical body cannot live, but is it living well?  Our breath is the main aid in our internal system, creating space for our organs, purifying our circulation, and calming our system. Emotions live in the way we breathe, by doing Radical Breath work we can release traumas, remove blocks, even entities living in our psyche.


Yoga Man Meditation


I offer a daily practice that is derived from all forms of Pranayama (the breathing techniques used in yoga) and movements found in Kundalini that can heal and optimize your well being.  Improving circulation by creating space for our most vital organs and glands to distribute energy freely, boosting our immune system, our capacity, and overall well being. In Traditional Chinese Medicine our vital organs play a very significant role in mind, body and spirit. Using the medicine wheel, element system, our blood type, visible indicators such as the tongue, eyes, nails and so on, determine deficiency or excessive traits of what requires attention. These imbalances lead to allergies, psychological imbalances, high cholesterol, IBS, Cancer and so many preventable illnesses that we are able to address in the way we eat, breathe and care for ourselves in order to thrive not survive.




Conquer obsessive thinking, addiction, limiting beliefs, insomnia, weight control, stress, jealousy, trauma, confidence, motivation, physical pain, grief and so much more!

Simple tapping with the fingertips is used to input kinetic energy onto specific meridians found on the head, face and chest while you bring awareness to the specific conflict you're addressing.  Voicing positive affirmations while tapping energy meridians work to clear emotional blockages in the body's bioenergy system, resulting in restoring your mind body balance.  Without healing the source of what causes our distress, a healthy diet and lifestyle are only temporary resolutions, EFT can bridge all the gaps and bring overall well being.  




What happens when you’ve done everything you were told to do and you’re still not satisfied?  I found myself asking this question after exceeding my own expectations which were seemingly delusional, considering nothing had positioned me to accomplish all that I had, well nothing externally anyhow.  The great revelation was, I never needed anything outside of myself, I’ve always been positively driven with an intuitive sense that navigated my path.  So here I was, living my personal dream in New York City, becoming Director at a Fashion Public Relations firm in Soho on Broadway no less, the most incredible and cultured friends, my own place in the village, well traveled, enjoying every single thing city has to offer, no matter how much I celebrated life and practiced gratitude, I still I felt a great void.  


Eventually it became complete distress, after many quick elevations, everything you accomplish is short lived with the next goal immediately in mind.  It hit me, there is absolutely no way to continue with this particular dream, it's not sustainable.  I needed to accomplish what I had, I even knew why, that it stemmed from early childhood, and I understood that the lesson had been completed which explained the sudden despair.  Incessantly the question of “How can I make it through an entire lifetime and be satisfied?” leaving me utterly perplexed, which was literally a first for me.  It hit me how long a lifetime is, and here I am at square one, no idea what to do, not satisfied, wondering if that is even possible for me at this point, then realizing I had no back up plan, THIS WAS THE PLAN! So I did what any irrational person would do, I quit my job, and took two months off to find the answer.  By the grace, saving my sanity no less, within two weeks realized the solution was to align my career with my lifestyle which would allow all of my efforts professionally to still benefit me personally, creating balance.  

Now, I am super amped up, feeling confident and excited to map a new and improved dream.  I began the next line of questioning, “What is my lifestyle?”  Considering I was a pretty serious New Yorker, it became crystal clear that I was even more holistic, healthy, environmental and consciously driven person all around.  Finally, I had a solid foundation and began racking up certifications and attunements in the wellness space, going on retreats, working with healers from all over the globe, receiving healing treatments, aligning myself with likeminded people and events, deciding to leave the city and move back to California to surround myself with family, nature and a lot more ease.  With complete dedication and focus, my life purpose became very clear, still I took some time to allow more signs reveal this to me, it was and still is very humbling to receive this path.  


I am here to offer my intuition, to assist in navigating your experience, using holistic practices to regain harmony and clarity, by accessing the source, the big “it” which is blocking your potential, your ease, and right to bliss. Once we are able to expose and heal the source, each connection is revealed, everything in perfect order, and your epic journey is well underway living from your TRUE(SELF)


I look so forward to connecting with you!


With love,




La Jolla Cove, California 92037, USA


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Golda Meir

"Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement"

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"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"

Ralph Waldo Emerson



My intention is to connect with you on a level that creates a sense of comfort that is open with an equal exchange.  Offering my personal experience with a thorough and continuous Self Study, the modalities and methods I incorporated, researched and evolved in transformation which are tried and true.  My expertise rests in the ability to connect with any situation, and truly understand the pressures, complications, expectations of everyone I meet with. From a powerful CEO with constricting demands, the stress that grips every fiber of your being, women and young ladies coping with the several variations of themselves all the while trying to be healthy, productive, beautiful, and composed.  Elderly looking to find more comfort through flexibility, restorative practice, nature walks, healing and enjoying vibrant company. Every first session will be unique just like you and celebrated, it will be productive, you will feel deeply connected to your(SELF) and inspired to cultivate your journey.


For all treatments wear comfortable loose fitting clothes if you are coming to do yoga or hike, wear more athletic attire, that allows you to move freely, not baggy.


I use soothing music, binaural frequency, essential oils, and aromatherapy to create a very calming and deeply relaxing environment.   You will lay on a healing table which is similar to a massage table, fully clothed on both your stomach and your back. I use crystals, sage, palo santo, and begin with seven minutes of radical breath work to activate the stagnant energy.   There are several points on the body where my hands will rest for three to five minutes, and move to the next, and may return or stay longer as the energy guides.  You may feel that area pulsating, and my hands warm, in some placements, after the treatment we will discuss wear those energies occurred to continue healing.  You may hear me making some sounds, don't be scared and feel free to giggle, it's an energy release.  I will end by cleansing your aura, this will be about an hour and afterward you are welcome to remain still and enjoy your bliss privately.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you!