My Journey

Life, Reality and Purpose

What happens when you’ve done everything you were told to do and you’re still not satisfied?  I found myself asking this question after exceeding my own expectations which were seemingly delusional, considering nothing had positioned me to accomplish all that I had, well nothing externally anyhow.  The great revelation was, I never needed anything outside of myself, I’ve always been positively driven with an intuitive sense that navigated my path.  So here I was, living my personal dream in New York City, becoming Director at a Fashion Public Relations firm in Soho on Broadway no less, the most incredible and cultured friends, my own place in the village, well traveled, enjoying every single thing city has to offer, no matter how much I celebrated life and practiced gratitude, I still I felt a great void.  


Eventually it became complete distress, after many quick elevations, everything you accomplish is short lived with the next goal immediately in mind.  It hit me, there is absolutely no way to continue with this particular dream, it's not sustainable.  I needed to accomplish what I had, I even knew why, that it stemmed from early childhood, and I understood that the lesson had been completed which explained the sudden despair.  Incessantly the question of “How can I make it through an entire lifetime and be satisfied?” leaving me utterly perplexed, which was literally a first for me.  It hit me how long a lifetime is, and here I am at square one, no idea what to do, not satisfied, wondering if that is even possible for me at this point, then realizing I had no back up plan, THIS WAS THE PLAN! So I did what any irrational person would do, I quit my job, and took two months off to find the answer.  By the grace, saving my sanity no less, within two weeks realized the solution was to align my career with my lifestyle which would allow all of my efforts professionally to still benefit me personally, creating balance.  

Now, I am super amped up, feeling confident and excited to map a new and improved dream.  I began the next line of questioning, “What is my lifestyle?”  Considering I was a pretty serious New Yorker, it became crystal clear that I was even more holistic, healthy, environmental and consciously driven person all around.  Finally, I had a solid foundation and began racking up certifications and attunements in the wellness space, going on retreats, working with healers from all over the globe, receiving healing treatments, aligning myself with likeminded people and events, deciding to leave the city and move back to California to surround myself with family, nature and a lot more ease.  With complete dedication and focus, my life purpose became very clear, still I took some time to allow more signs reveal this to me, it was and still is very humbling to receive this path.  


I am here to offer my intuition, to assist in navigating your experience, using holistic practices to regain harmony and clarity, by accessing the source, the big “it” which is blocking your potential, your ease, and right to bliss. Once we are able to expose and heal the source, each connection is revealed, everything in perfect order, and your epic journey is well underway living from your TRUE(SELF)


I look so forward to connecting with you!


With love,